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Facebook at center of race discrimination lawsuit

Texas residents may be interested in a current employment law case involving social media company Facebook. Reports stated that two African-American employees in another state filed a federal lawsuit against the company after allegedly facing race discrimination on the job. One of the workers is a maintenance man, and the other man was a manager before leaving the company in October. 

The maintenance worker asserts that he has been paid lower wages and has been given smaller raises than white workers in the same position. The former manager alleges that his leaving resulted from systemic racism and having many of his duties taken away. It is also claimed that a supervisor at the branch repeatedly made racist remarks. Though the men took complaints to the human resources department, they do not believe that the investigations into the incidents addressed their concerns.

Wrongful termination claims may help voice concerns in Texas

When an individual is dismissed from his or her job without cause, he or she may want to consider seeking restitution. Filing wrongful termination claims could potentially help interested individuals work toward rectifying the situation. A successful claim could potentially lead to the necessary parties being held liable for unjust actions.

Texas residents may be interested in one out-of-state man who is currently facing such a predicament. Reports indicated that the man was the CEO of a company that ran health centers. The man had apparently been working on initiatives to strengthen the relations between the business and other companies in the community as well as promote healthy choices. Those initiatives were apparently approved by the company's board.

FMLA violations could affect Texas workers

When employees suffer from medical conditions, they may need time away from work. Certain absences may qualify for coverage under the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA. This federal law requires employers to provide unpaid leave for such qualifying instances and protect workers from losing their jobs due to such leave. However, there may be instances in which employers violate this act. There is no corresponding state FMLA law in Texas.

In another state, a woman who had worked at a call center for a cell phone carrier says she took leave from work due to a serious medical conditions. The woman claims that this leave qualified for protection under the FMLA, but she was apparently terminated from her job during her leave. She was later rehired but then fired again within a week. 

Contract disputes may lead to lawsuits in Texas

Being under stress due to employment issues can cause many individuals to feel overwhelmed. When the issues pertain to contract negotiations, the situation may seem even more difficult to address. Contract disputes may cause individuals to feel the need to take drastic action in order to ensure that their voices are being heard. As a result, they may wish to find out more on their legal rights and options for negotiations. 

Texas residents may be interested in such a dispute taking place out of state. Reports indicated that school bus drivers are considering going on strike due to a lack of agreement on their employment contract. One point of contention was reported as being retirement funding. These disagreements have apparently being going on for some time, but a recent civil lawsuit pertaining to the problems has apparently caused the discord to become more prominent. 

Texas workers with disabilities may fear workplace discrimination

Being looked at differently due to having a disability can be a hurtful but, unfortunately, common action that many individuals face. Though most instances of this may be overlooked, there are cases in which being considered unfit due to an unrelated disability may be cause for legal action. If an individual has faced workplace discrimination due to having a disability, he or she may wish to consider potential legal options.

Texas residents may be interested in a case involving such discrimination taking place in another state. Reports indicated that it was recently ruled that a company will pay $90,000 and adhere to anti-discrimination efforts after a woman was passed over for a job. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission moved forward with the case on behalf of the victim.

Retaliation could lead to wrongful termination cases in Texas

Losing a job is never a pleasant experience. Individuals may feel even more upset over being fired if they believe the dismissal came about due to retaliation. Employees may be placed in compromising positions while on the job, but if they choose to report wrongdoings and are then terminated from their jobs, they may wish to assess their state of affairs and determine whether legal action could be in their best interests.

Texas residents may be interested in a case of alleged wrongful termination currently taking place in another region. Reports stated that one man recently filed a lawsuit against the cancer center where he was formerly employed. The man was quietly terminated from his position as director after he expressed concerns regarding the use of donated funds. The money was donated to fund cancer research, but the man claimed that $6 million had been used on the center's operating expenses.

Texas employees may fear sexual harassment

Though there are many hazards that individuals could face while on the job, being inappropriately treated by co-workers or supervisors should not be one of them. Unfortunately, many workers face sexual harassment and other negative actions in the workplace that could considerably affect them. If individuals are the victims of such mistreatment, they may wish to consider taking legal action.

Texas residents may be interested in such a case currently taking place in another state. Reports indicated that a woman working for a temporary employment agency was assigned to carry out duties at a Marriott-operated facility. While on the job, the woman claims that her supervisor sexually harassed her by making unwanted advances toward her. She also alleged that the supervisor burned her hand with a lighter. It was unclear under what circumstances these events may have occurred. 

Race discrimination could negatively affect Texas workers

Many individuals face unfair treatment on a regular basis. There could be any number of unjustified reasons behind the mistreatment, and those individuals may feel as if they must simply bear the brunt of such actions. However, individuals who are facing race discrimination or other similar mistreatment on the job may be able to take legal steps in order to rectify the situation.

Texas residents may be interested in such a case currently taking place in another state. It was reported that several African-American employees at a fire department have filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission due to the unfair treatment to which they have been subjected while on the job. Many of those injustices pertain to being denied opportunities for promotions, as well as receiving less pay. 

Wrongful termination could affect Texas workers

Losing a job can cause many difficulties for the affected party. If the dismissal is unjustified, the employee may face even more issues pertaining to the event. When individuals face wrongful termination, they may wish to consider their legal options in order to pursue recompense for the unjust action.

Texas residents may be interested in a case relating to wrongful termination currently taking place in another state. Reports indicated that a nurse practitioner had filed a lawsuit claiming retaliation after she was fired from her job. The woman had apparently filed a report about unsafe conditions in the emergency room at the Charleston Area Medical Center. There were no specific details in the report regarding what those unsafe conditions may have been or to whom the woman may have made the report. 

Legal action may help victims of age discrimination in Texas

Many older Texas residents may struggle when it comes to finding employment. Even if individuals are hired, they may still feel as if they do not belong because they are treated unfairly due to their ages. Age discrimination can cause hardworking individuals to feel isolated in the workplace and potentially even lose their jobs due to unfair actions from employers. 

One man in another state recently filed a lawsuit against Tesla due to such discrimination. Reports stated that the 69-year-old man had begun work with the company as a contract worker four years ago and then was hired on a more permanent basis. However, he was regularly criticized for having a slow work pace, but he believes he completed his necessary tasks as timely as his younger co-workers. 

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