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Transgender prison guard alleges workplace discrimination

After suffering from threats to his physical well-being, a transgender prison guard, who works outside of Texas, claims he will have his case heard in a federal court. He claims that he was the victim of workplace discrimination because of his gender identity. The plaintiff alleges that he suffered harassment at the hands of his co-workers and his supervisors.

The plaintiff was already employed by the state Department of Corrections when he openly announced that he would be transitioning to a male. After the announcement, the plaintiff claims that one of the tires on his vehicle was slashed in the parking lot. The harassment then purportedly became verbal when his co-workers and superiors made insulting remarks about his gender or lack thereof. Additionally, other officers had allegedly said they were offended by the plaintiff's choice to transition.

Woman cites retaliation from employer after filing wage complaint

Texas residents may be interested in hearing about a case where a woman is alleging that she was fired after she requested back pay for some previous surgery-related time off. She took off work to have surgery and to recuperate from the surgical procedure from December 18, 2014 to January 4 of the next year. She ended up needing additional time for recuperation and did not return to her place of employment for work until January 20. This is how her wrongful termination and retaliation claim got started.

When she did go back to work, she realized that she had only received vacation pay that she had not used from the previous year. She says that she had not received the sick pay that she had requested. She reached out to her general manager and company president to get the back pay. They failed to provide the funds, so she filed a complaint with the state.

Ex-Capital One employee claims blames termination on retaliation

Even though the law strongly prohibits discriminating against protected classes, this does not mean that it does not happen. A former Capital One Bank employee in Texas alleges that she became the victim of retaliation after she refused to engage in discriminatory practices. She claims that her refusal to comply with requests led to the company forcing her out.

The no- 48-year-old plaintiff began working for the company in 1985. In 2004, she was promoted to district manager. Nine years later, she claims that the company started a program aimed at getting rid of older workers. She maintains that she was asked to comply with the program by edging out the older employees. The plaintiff alleges that she was told the reason for the removal of the workers was because they no longer fit the company's image.

Amtrak sued for sexual harassment of female electrician

Texas workers who have been victims of sexual harassment will know that this kind of harassment can take many forms. It can range from sexual assault or unwanted advances to humiliating behavior that creates hostile work environments. It is the duty of employers to put policies and education in place that will prevent sexual harassment, and employers must also act upon complaints of such behavior.

A former employee of Amtrak in another state recently filed a lawsuit against the railroad provider. She alleged sexual harassment, retaliatory and gender discrimination while she was employed by the company from Jan. 2012 through Nov. 2014, at which time she was dismissed. The plaintiff was employed as an electrician and claims to have been subjected to a sexually hostile work environment; during her tenure, her personal property was defaced, and she was addressed in derogatory language.

Wrongful termination suit filed against Little Caesars Pizza

Being wrongfully fired in Texas can do damage to one's self-esteem and even job opportunities. One man in another state said he was unlawfully terminated by his employer, Little Caesars Pizza. As a result, he decided to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against the restaurant.

The man said he had worked for the establishment since December of 2013. He went on a medical leave for one week beginning in June after undergoing oral surgery. However, after he went back to work, his hours were reportedly trimmed. He said he was later removed from the company's work schedule and then terminated.

DAP Inc. accused of discrimination and violation of the ADA

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit against DAP Inc., an adhesives and sealants manufacturer in a federal court. The complaint involves the company's Dallas, Texas plant, which is one of three in the United States. The defendant stands accused of discrimination because it apparently terminated a worker due to his need for medical accommodations after his surgery.

The plaintiff started working for DAP in 2006. In Jan. 2012, he underwent prostate cancer surgery. After his procedure, he took a medical leave of absence to recover. When the 56-year-old man was authorized medically to return to work, he had to wear a catheter.

Workplace discrimination claim results in a $115K settlement

It is expected that most Texas workers know how to conduct themselves in their workplaces and speak in manners that are not offensive to others. According to an out-of-state case filed by an accountant at a municipal utility department, not everyone pays attention to what they say. She alleges that she was the victim of workplace discrimination due to comments that were made to her by the city manager.

The plaintiff claims her superior would make derogatory racial remarks. In one instance, he allegedly suggested that she change her computer login to reflect her ethnicity. The city contends that the plaintiff never brought her complaint forward, as is outlined in the city's policy, and that she took what was said to her out of context. Nonetheless, a complaint was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and it determined that her rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act were violated.

UPS driver wins her workplace discrimination claim after 9 years

Women in Texas and elsewhere should never have to choose between having a baby and their jobs. An out-of-state driver for UPS finally feels she is receiving justice for her workplace discrimination claim. She has been fighting her case for nine years and took it all the way to the Supreme Court.

The plaintiff worked as a UPS driver and discovered that she was pregnant in 2006. After seeing her doctor, she was given a note that would require her to have accommodations. She could no longer lift packages that were 20 pounds or more. The plaintiff did not think that this would be an issue as the majority of her work dealt with handling overnight letters. UPS stated that drivers are required to lift up to 70 pounds and placed her on an unpaid leave, which meant that she could not collect unemployment or keep her insurance.

Pilgrim's Pride accused of workplace discrimination

An employee of Pilgrim's Pride Corp. claims that he was treated unfairly because of his race and has taken his complaints to court. The plaintiff was hired to work as a shop attendant at a Texas location in 2009. Initially, the man did not suffer any workplace discrimination, but he claims that over the last few years the situation has dramatically changed.

The plaintiff -- who happens to be black -- noticed that his work conditions were becoming less favorable. He allegedly was subjected to inappropriate comments about his race. Additionally, he noticed that his hours had decreased, and he was not being paid equally to his co-workers in the same positions. All of these changes seemed to happen without explanation.

Women come forward alleging sexual harassment at Dunkin Donuts

One of the top names in donuts and coffee in Texas and elsewhere, Dunkin' Donuts, is appearing in the news with some serious accusations. Several female employees at some of the stores in another state claim that they were subjected to sexual harassment. The case is being heard in a federal court to try to bring justice to the victims.

According to the complaint, the women suffered harassment on a regular basis. The plaintiffs allege that were touched inappropriately and given invitations for sex. Additionally, they claim that they had to listen to remarks that were not appropriate in the workplace.

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