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Woman claims wrongful termination because of her spouse's race

When most people are subjected to illegal, unfair treatment in the workplace, it is usually due to their own protected status characteristics. According to a former employee for Fast Eddie's pool hall and sports bar in Texas, her wrongful termination didn't have anything to do with her. She claims that she was discriminated against because of the color of her husband's skin.

The white woman worked at the hall and was bestowed an award for having the most sales in the company. For her efforts, she won a vacation and would be going with the company's owners and management. For more enjoyment on the vacation, the woman brought her black husband with her. While on the trip, she claims that one of the owners gave her spouse an award of his own for having the best suntan.

Black Hershey sales rep claims race discrimination after firing

Even the sweetest place on earth can have difficulties in the workplace. A former employee who was a sales representative for Hershey believes that she was the victim of race discrimination. The black Texas rep worked for the company for over eight years until she allegedly lost her job to a white female employee.

She claims that her boss told her the reason for her termination was because she had entered false information regarding how long she was spending on building displays and stocking in stores. According to her lawsuit, her superior -- who is also black -- told the other black employees -- in particular -- how to enter time incorrectly into the system. She asserts that he also said that black employees were going to be targeted to be fired because of their race.

Man claims wrongful termination after reporting sexual harassment

Doing the right thing is not always easy, but if an employee sees suspicious behavior in the workplace, it is typically best that it be reported to management. In most cases, one may think that this type of behavior would be rewarded and not punished. If a Texas business doesn't wish to deal with certain situations, however, the company may choose to fire the employee who reported the incident. That could lead to a wrongful termination lawsuit.

A man who worked for Baxano Surgical says his former employer retaliated against him for reporting sexual harassment. The man claims that he witnessed another employee sexually harassing one of his female coworkers. He wrote an email to the CEO and president of the company, detailing the events and the workers who were involved.

Pregnant woman accuses her employer of workplace discrimination

Pregnancy can be an exciting time in a woman's life. Due to the way that the world is changing, more women are remaining in the workforce during their pregnancy. While women are with child, they should be given a reasonable accommodations to allow them to continue to do their work. Unfortunately, some Texas employers look at a woman being pregnant on the job in a negative light and may treat her differently or feel that she is no longer fit to work, ultimately terminating her. The pregnant woman may choose to fight back against her employer by filing a workplace discrimination claim.

A woman who worked as a practice administrator for a dental practice is accusing the company of pregnancy discrimination. Due to the profitability of some of the offices to which she was an administrator, she earned quarterly bonuses that ranged between $800 and $2,000. Once she announced her pregnancy to the new regional administrator, everything began to change. When she first told her supervisor about her pregnancy, she claims her supervisor said that doctor appointments related to her pregnancy could not interfere with her work. A short time after her announcement, many of her profitable offices were given to her supervisor's friend, which greatly reduced her bonus potential.

Teacher claims race discrimination after contract is discontinued

A man who worked as a grade school teacher claims that he lost his job unjustly. He asserts that he lost his job due to race discrimination. The black teacher worked in a Texas school district and alleges that his work life began to change for the worse when a new principal was hired. He claims that, almost right away, the new principal became very critical of his work performance. The principal also is said to have accused the plaintiff of threatening him.

On the contrary, the teacher alleges that he was the one who was threatened. The threats prompted him to file a claim with the EEOC and the Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division. He was later told that his contract was being discontinued because of poor work performance. According to the plaintiff, up until that point, he did not know of any issues related to his performance.

Sexual harassment claim filed against Texas company

When an employee believes that he or she is being harassed at work, generally the first step is to alert a superior to the issue. At this point, the employer should be following protocol and putting an end to the sexual harassment behavior.  Sadly, there are some Texas businesses that take this type of activity and sweep it under the rug, forcing the employee to deal with the issue alone. In some cases, sometimes a company even fires the employee to avoid dealing with the problem.

A former foreman for Elliott Turbocharger Group Inc., claims that he lost his job after he alerted his superiors to unwanted workplace behavior. He asserts that he heard a group of coworkers making a derogatory homosexual reference toward him. After he allegedly told the men to stop making those types of comments, the activity continued despite his request. He then reported the incident to his superior, who told him that he would discuss the issue with the men.

Neiman Marcus salesman claims workplace discrimination

A fragrance counter salesman felt that he lost his job unjustly, despite his incredible sales record. The man believes that he was fired due to workplace discrimination because he is homosexual and Jewish. He is now fighting back and filing a claim against the Texas-based Neiman Marcus.

The plaintiff began working for the store in 2005 and claims that he was harassed by his supervisor. He alleges that when he attempted to take days off for trips to Israel for religious reasons, his boss made derogatory comments about the country. He also claims that he suffered negative remarks regarding his sexual orientation. For having the highest company sales, he was given a reward of two $900 bottles of cologne, but he asserts that he never received his second bottle and that his supervisor had taken it. When he called the company for his second bottle, his boss was angered that he had talked to upper executives, and his treatment allegedly worsened.

Former Wendy's employee claims she was fired for taking FMLA time

When employees suffer from a serious illness or injury, they may need to take time away from work to recover. Abiding by the stipulations of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Texas workers are able to take off work for the time that they need. Some employers choose not to recognize the person's right to take the time and may choose to terminate the employee instead.

A former worker for Wendy's has filed a claim against the owner of the franchise who employed her. She stated that she began to experience extreme pain in her abdomen and severe cramping, which prompted her to go to a physician the same day. She was told that her pain was caused by an ovarian cyst that would require surgery to have it removed.

Former Fox employee claims she was fired due to her illness

A former employee for Fox Television is claiming that, after being diagnosed with cancer, she lost her job for needing time away from work. In her complaint, she stated that she had to undergo necessary surgery to treat her illness. After she returned to work, she claims that she was greeted by a hostile work environment. She claims that she spoke to human resources about the way the way that her coworkers were treating her, but the situation got progressively worse. The Texas woman decided that she would apply for a different position, but she asserts that she was never offered an interview, despite being more qualified than the person who ended up getting the job.

The stress of the job allegedly began to manifest, and the woman began to suffer nausea, chest pressure and insomnia. Due to how she was feeling, she requested that she work month-to-month, but she claims that she was given the ultimatum to either contract for another six months or resign. The plaintiff's symptoms from stress continued, and her doctor recommended she take some time away from work, so she was placed on leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.

Denial of teacher's tenure leads to wrongful termination lawsuit

Beneath the surface, many businesses may have dealings that they do not want exposed to the public. Some employees who discover these findings speak out to have the unethical activity stopped. This may prompt the employer to fire the worker to silence him or her. Recently, a former professor for Texas Southern University claimed that he was the victim of a wrongful termination.

According to his federal court complaint, the man began his career in the Navy and then worked in a number of positions, including in power plants and as a naval flight instructor, which ultimately gave him the credentials he needed to become a teacher. He claims that he continued to work with the aviation program of the university and finally became an assistant professor. During his employment, he purportedly discovered that funds which should have been going to the airway science equipment upgrades and their maintenance was going elsewhere. He reported the findings to his superiors.

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