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Whistleblower Protection For Credit Union Employees

Federal employment law is a patchwork. Our federal employment laws are a patchwork of prohibitions and requirements enacted in fits and spurts in response to pressing perceived problems. Perhaps if, like Justinian, a former president had commissioned the best and brightest to recommend a comprehensive set of employment laws,  our current law would be more rational and consistent. Bizarre inconsistencies. As it is we are left wondering why credit union employees have 2 years to file a claim of retaliation, while those who make OSHA complaints are only given 30 days.  Are we to conclude embezzlement is a more immediate and serious problem than a plant explosion? Good news for credit union employees. If you are a credit union employee you needn't pine over these jurisprudential curiosities, just be thankful.  Federal law protects credit union employees who become whistleblowers from retaliation in employment.  The main provisions of the law are as follows. Who is covered. Employees of insured credit unions and the National Credit Union Administration are covered by the law. What is covered. Neither the National Credit Union Administration ("Administration") or an insured credit union may discharge or discriminate against an employee because the employee made a report of a possible violation of law or regulation to the National Credit Union Administration Board ("Board") or the Attorney General.  The Board also offers rewards to those who come forward with information that leads to the recovery of civil penalties. Enforcement procedure. A whistleblower who has suffered discrimination under this law may bring a lawsuit in federal district court within 2 years from the date of the adverse employment action. Remedies. A victim of retaliation under this law may recover compensatory damages (lost wages and emotional damages), be reinstated and/or obtain injunctive relief (an order from the court directing the employer to do or stop certain conduct). So, if you are a credit union or Administration employee, count yourself lucky because the law protects you.  GSF

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