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Texas man sues employer for age and FMLA discrimination

In years past, older employees were typically considered more experienced and therefore more valuable. While this is still largely the case, in some industries, age discrimination against older workers is becoming a growing problem. One Texas man recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer, Costco, amid claims of age discrimination.

The man began working at Costco in 1988. During his 24 years with the company, the man, who was originally hired as a meat cutter, rose to become the manager of the store's meat department. It was not until the man suffered a health problem and was forced to take time off of work that things changed.

The man, who suffered from a heart condition, was advised to take time off of work by his doctor. Under the terms of the Family Medical Leave Act, the man informed his direct supervisor that he would be taking a 60 day leave from his job.

Only 30 days later, however, the man had returned to work. One day after his return, he was informed that his employment at Costco was terminated. The man subsequently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer who he accuses of engaging in both age discrimination and FMLA discrimination.

The man is seeking to recover compensation related to emotional pain and suffering as well as loss of employment, income and medical benefits. Texas employees who believe they have suffered economic loss or pain and suffering as a result of workplace discrimination would be wise to discuss their case with an employment attorney.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, "Costco manager files age discrimination lawsuit," Michelle Keahey, June 24, 2013

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