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August 2013 Archives

Man with diabetes contends former employer violated FMLA

Being healthy is something that many people take for granted. In fact, in many cases it's not until an individual suffers injuries from an accident or is stricken with an illness or medical condition that the importance of health is truly realized. Individuals with chronic medical conditions must not only deal with the physical side effects of such conditions, but also the social and economic implications.

As boomers age, more workplace age discrimination claims expected

In the coming years, millions of individuals considered part of the famed baby boomer generation will reach retirement age. However, for many baby boomers retirement is not an option. While some must continue working out of financial necessity, others will choose to continue working for personal reasons. As a result, a record number of aging employees will remain in the American workforce.

FBI found in violation of workplace anti-discrimination laws

Within the last decade, thousands of men and women have bravely served and protected U.S. interests in wars and conflicts abroad. The men and women serving in our country's armed forces have made many personal and physical sacrifices to ensure our nation remains free and safe. Unfortunately, some service men and women who return to the states have encountered difficulty acclimating to civilian life and finding jobs as they continue to be challenged by both mental and physical injuries.

Lawsuit against yoga founder brings damning accusations

Touted as being good for both the body and mind, yoga is a form of ancient exercise and meditation that has been practiced for centuries. In more recent years, modern yoga practitioners have attempted to elevate the practice to be more physically challenging. Among these yoga gurus is a man known as Bikram Choudhury whose yoga practice bears his name.

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