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Pregnancy-based workplace discrimination banned by federal law

Being an expectant mother is often an exciting experience, particularly for a mother who has always wanted to give birth to her own child. However, the experience may quickly turn sour if an employer discriminates against a worker on the basis of pregnancy. In such a situation in Texas, a woman is entitled to file a workplace discrimination complaint against the employer.

One company will be required to pay a former employee $100,000 after it was found to have violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The woman said she was terminated when she had asked the employer for time off after experiencing a miscarriage, a situation that can be emotionally as well as physically challenging for a hopeful mother. Discrimination against a worker who had planned or desired to become pregnant is against federal law.

The company in this particular case is Platinum PTS. It offers services in the areas of development, exploration, analysis and testing related to oil and gas. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission facilitated the settlement through its conciliation process, and has led to a positive outcome for the woman who experienced discrimination.

Employers cannot mistreat a worker simply because she wishes to be pregnant or is trying to become pregnant. However, some companies neglect this law and choose to demote or fire employees who are interested in becoming pregnant for fear that they will have to go through the extra steps needed to accommodate these pregnant workers. Being aware of the factors that must be proven in a workplace discrimination claim in Texas is helpful for people who feel they have been discriminated against on the basis of their pregnancy statuses.

Source: Business Management, In Laredo, employer pays for miscarriage of justice, No author, Dec. 15, 2013

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