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Companies can strive to prevent sexual harassment in Texas

In the workplace, an employer sometimes abuses his or her power by choosing to sexually harass subordinates, and this can negatively impact a person's sense of self-worth. In addition, it can affect an individual's ability to earn a living in Texas. This is why sexual harassment is illegal, according to federal law. An employer can take several steps to safeguard workers against sexual harassment.

First, a company would benefit from developing a sexual harassment policy. This policy is most helpful if it uses broad terms so that both men and women are included in the protections that the policy affords. People at all levels of the organization can learn about the policy and be held to its standards.

The company also may want to create a complaint procedure so that a worker who has been sexually harassed can contact certain employees in the event that they are mistreated on the basis of sex. The business also can designate a person to investigate such complaints. When disciplinary action must occur regarding a person who is found to have engaged in sexual harassment, the company would be wise to possess all documentation that can back up the decision to carry out disciplinary action against the employee.

Employers by law are not allowed to sexually harass employees, and they cannot create an environment in which sexual harassment is allowed to occur. If giving in to the sexual advances of a supervisor is treated as a condition of employment, or if is the basis of other decisions related to employment, this is considered sexual harassment. If a person is sexually harassed on the job, which can lead to a hostile workplace environment in Texas, he or she may be entitled to file a sexual harassment claim against the company. Remedies that may result from a successful claim include a promotion and/or back pay, depending upon the facts of the specific situation.

Source: Business Management, 5 steps you must take to prevent and address sexual harassment, No author, Jan. 6, 2014

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