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Workplace discrimination can affect pregnant women in Texas

In the workplace, some women are reluctant to discuss with their bosses their plans to become pregnant in the future. Others hesitate to tell potential employers about these plans, while others may be nervous about divulging the news that they are currently expecting for fear of experiencing workplace discrimination. In reality, no employer in Texas is allowed to discriminate against a woman on the basis of her pregnancy or desire to become pregnant in the future, according to federal law.

In a recent case, a woman applied for a position at the hair salon of J.C. Penney Corp., which is based in Texas. However, she told the manager of the establishment that she was pregnant. The woman says she was then denied the job.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against the company on the woman's behalf. It claimed that J.C. Penney Corp. violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Subsequently, the company agreed to pay the woman $40,000 to settle the lawsuit.

A Texas company legally cannot treat a woman differently from other job applicants or employees simply because she is either pregnant or is a new mother. If a woman feels that she has been discriminated against because of her pregnancy, she reserves the right to file a workplace discrimination claim against the company that allegedly the perpetrated the illegal act. Knowing what facts must be established in this situation may lead to a successful claim, with possible remedies, including compensation for emotional harm and other verifiable monetary damages resulting from the claim.

Source:, Penney settles pregnancy discrimination suit for $40,000, Judy Greenwald, Jan. 17, 2014

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