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February 2014 Archives

TPC Group accussed of workplace discrimination in Texas

Humans naturally want to be accepted, whether in their families, in their social circles or on the job. The problem with not being accepted in the workplace, in particular, is that a superior's willingness to mistreat an individual may end up costing that person his or her job. This negatively impacts the person's ability to provide for his or her family and can deflate the worker's self-esteem. Mistreatment at work on the basis of race and other protected classes is considered illegal workplace discrimination in Texas, so a person who experiences this certainly reserves the right to seek justice.

Accommodating pregnant workers prevents workplace discrimination

One of the most thrilling times in a woman's life -- pregnancy -- can also become one of her most stressful ones. This is not necessarily because she is worried about the health of her baby or about dealing with postpartum depression; rather, she is worried about dealing with her boss. However, an employer legally must not discriminate against a worker on the basis of her pregnancy or the birth of a child in Texas, and it must accommodate her in most cases in order to avoid engaging in workplace discrimination.

Workplace discrimination may impact person's health in Texas

Many employees simply want to make it through the work day without a lot of hassle. They want to do their jobs effectively and, in return, be paid appropriately and treated fairly. In their minds, it's not too much to ask in Texas. However, some employers offer preferential treatment to some workers not on the basis of strong work ethic but due to their race, while those of other races end up demoted or even terminated due to workplace discrimination. Racism remains a real problem in modern society -- one that can have a real impact on the human body, not just on a person's wallet.

Workplace discrimination still affects pregnant workers in Texas

One of the most exciting times for a woman -- being pregnant and awaiting her bundle of joy -- can easily turn into one of the most distressing times if her employer doesn't share in her excitement. The woman's growing belly can quickly become a growing concern in the eyes of a Texas employer, which may overlook her skills and past contributions. A business owner could instead see an employee who may end up taking a lengthy hiatus and not contribute much to the company during that time. In today's world, workplace discrimination against pregnant women continues to be a real concern, according to research.

Texas cited in top five for workplace discrimination suits

Human beings come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors; however, the common thread among them all is the desire to be accepted. This applies to social situations as well as to the workplace. Being accepted in the workplace is especially essential, because not being treated properly equate to a hostile work environment for an employee and threaten his or her very livelihood. This is precisely why workplace discrimination is illegal. The state of Texas has been named among the states having a high number of discrimination cases filed when compared to all the other states in the U.S.

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