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Man claims sexual harassment at Brand company in Texas

People naturally like to feel valued and accepted simply for who they are. This is why people typically feel violated when they are sexually harassed and taken advantage of on the basis of gender. This is also one of the reasons why people object to discrimination on the basis of race or other protected statuses, such as age. Moreover, the conduct is illegal. If sexual harassment or discrimination occurs at a company, the victim can seek justice in Texas.

In a recent Texas case, a man has filed a suit against the company Brand Energy Solutions. In this case, he said he was working as a lead employee at Brand before being laid off and then rehired at the company. However, even after receiving a promotion, his pay was still lower than it had previously been.

The man said his pay was lower than that for workers of other races, including those who had lower positions than he did. In addition, he said he was sexually harassed and mistreated in the workplace until he had no choice but to quit the job. The former Brand worker is pursuing reinstatement in his job as well as financial damages.

It is unlawful for employers in Texas to allow workers to be sexually harassed, and this pernicious conduct can contribute to a hostile and intimidating work environment. Employees do not have to put up with race-based mistreatment or other forms of unlawful discrimination on the job site. It is within their rights to file sexual harassment and/or workplace discrimination claims against their employer in particular circumstances. Depending on the situation, potential remedies that could result from a claim might include financial damages and other legal relief recognized by state and federal laws.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Brand Scaffold Builders sued over discrimination, sexual harassment, Annie Cosby, March 21, 2014

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