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April 2014 Archives

Workplace discrimination case filed by former female worker

People understandably don't like to be taken advantage of or treated poorly. When they end up being harassed or mistreated in the workplace due to their gender, they naturally might feel violated and angry. Sexual harassment and workplace discrimination can happen to both men and women in Texas, although women are most often the victims of this type of illegal treatment. These victims have the right to seek justice against the employer who has allegedly perpetrated this wrong.

Race discrimination remains a problem, poll shows

Many individuals feel that America has made huge strides in combating race discrimination. Meanwhile, some people in Texas and other areas of the country feel that race discrimination remains a huge problem. New research echoes the latter opinion, showing that a large number of people view race relations as requiring major improvement throughout the country.

Workplace discrimination on the basis of pregnancy illegal

What starts out being one of the happiest moments of a woman's life can quickly become a devastating experience. Getting pregnant and having a baby in Texas can be exciting, but sometimes employers use it as an excuse to demote or even terminate a female worker. This is considered pregnancy discrimination, and it's illegal. In a recent out-of-state case, a woman filed a workplace discrimination lawsuit against a home cleaning business franchise.

Workplace discrimination claims up in Texas in 2013

Many people are familiar with the "everything is bigger in Texas" saying. After all, the state is one of the largest in America, and it also is one of the most highly populated states. However, the number of workplace discrimination charges is also large in Texas, posing a big problem for the state, according to new data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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