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Workplace discrimination claims up in Texas in 2013

Many people are familiar with the "everything is bigger in Texas" saying. After all, the state is one of the largest in America, and it also is one of the most highly populated states. However, the number of workplace discrimination charges is also large in Texas, posing a big problem for the state, according to new data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The number of discrimination and harassment charges in the state's workplaces rose in a year's time. More than 9,000 charges were received by the EEOC in 2013 -- a boost of 2 percent from 2012. In fact, the number of charges in Texas made up a whopping 9 percent of total charges in the United States.

America as a whole actually saw a 6 percent drop in charges in 2013. The problem in Texas may be that companies aren't providing enough training on their codes of conduct. EEOC charges don't always result in civil suits; however, even if the EEOC finds that no discrimination or harassment appeared to take place, an employee can still sue the employer, but the credibility of his or her charge is weakened.

Workplace discrimination takes place at a company in Texas when an employee is humiliated or insulted due to his or her disability, age, sex, ethnicity, color or race. Meanwhile, harassment happens when employees are treated in a less favorable manner on the basis of any of these protected characteristics. Both are illegal under federal legislation. If an employee experiences either situation, he or she certainly can file a claim against the alleged offending employer. Remedies may include the reinstatement of a job or even back pay, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, "Workplace harassment, discrimination charges up in Texas", Chris Beattie, March 28, 2014

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