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May 2014 Archives

Woman in Texas claims workplace discrimination, wrongful firing

No one likes to be fired from a job, but learning that one has been wrongfully fired can often cause sadness and anger. It is within the rights of an individual who has experienced an illegal firing and/or workplace discrimination to fight for justice through the legal system in Texas. One woman recently claimed that she was subjected to discrimination at the job site and terminated wrongfully.

Laid-off school employees file race discrimination suit

Although workplace discrimination is illegal, it is unfortunately still a problem in Texas and other parts of the country. In one nearby state, a group of workers have sued a school district on the basis of race discrimination. The five employees specifically claimed that the district was purging employees based on race.

Woman claims workplace discrimination based on national origin

Being told that one can never move up in a company in Texas may be heartrending, especially if the person is highly motivated to succeed in his or her career. Finding out that the reason for being denied a promotion opportunity has to do with one's ethnicity or national origin may be even more mortifying. Workplace discrimination today is a real concern, especially among Hispanics, but a recently filed suit in another state doesn't involve Caucasians reportedly discriminating against Hispanics -- rather, it deals with Hispanics allegedly discriminating against one another.

Man claims workplace discrimination on basis of sex, race

An employee recently filed a discrimination suit after complaining about being sexually and racially discriminated against. This type of situation can be humiliating for a person in Texas who simply wants to do his or her job without dealing with a hostile environment. In this workplace discrimination case, the company has agreed to settle the suit by paying $55,000.

Woman claims age discrimination, files suit against nonprofit

Age discrimination remains a real problem at companies throughout the United States, including those in Texas. A woman at a company in a different state recently claimed that she was terminated as a result of age discrimination. The woman said the boss who did the firing had mentioned the need to hire energetic women who were in their 20s.

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