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Woman claims workplace discrimination based on national origin

Being told that one can never move up in a company in Texas may be heartrending, especially if the person is highly motivated to succeed in his or her career. Finding out that the reason for being denied a promotion opportunity has to do with one's ethnicity or national origin may be even more mortifying. Workplace discrimination today is a real concern, especially among Hispanics, but a recently filed suit in another state doesn't involve Caucasians reportedly discriminating against Hispanics -- rather, it deals with Hispanics allegedly discriminating against one another.

One woman recently said that, in 2011, her boss told her to forget about pursuing a promotion since she would never get it. The reason, she was told, was because she was from a different Hispanic country than a majority of her colleagues were, she said. The next day, one of her colleagues got the promotion even though this person had no experience in management, according to the woman.

The company said it fired the woman for fraudulent conduct and insubordination. The organization denied it had engaged in workplace discrimination by keeping the woman from a promotion or by paying her, a Cuban, less than it paid similar workers from Puerto Rico. However, the woman claims she was a victim of both gender discrimination and national origin-based discrimination.

The woman, who described her work environment as hostile and difficult, filed a suit against the organization along with her husband, a coworker. When an individual in Texas feels that he or she is being improperly treated at work based on protected factors such as sex or race, it is within his or her right to seek to hold the allegedly offending company accountable. If the plaintiff ends up winning the workplace discrimination case, remedies such as monetary relief or even being reinstated to one's job may result.

Source: The Buffalo News, "Hispanics United faces bias suit with a rare ethnic twist", Phil Fairbanks, May 11, 2014

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