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July 2014 Archives

Man files race discrimination suit against Texas company

Being able to get a job can be exciting, but being promoted to a higher position can be even more exhilarating. However, being denied the opportunity to advance due to one’s race can feel like a slap in the face. One Texas worker recently filed a race discrimination suit against his former employer for this very reason.

Sexual harassment a problem in the science field

Although many people in Texas would like to think that sexual harassment will eventually be a thing of the past, new research shows that it remains a real problem. This appears to be particularly true in the science field, where woman are sexually harassed or assaulted while doing research. Most of these sexual harassment acts take place at the hands of the female employees’ supervisors, according to the research.

Electrician claims he faced age discrimination on the job

Being treated poorly by a boss because of one's age can be dispiriting for an employee in Texas and other parts of the United States. A 43-year-old man in a different state recently said he was a victim of age discrimination in the workplace, and was then fired for complaining about how his employer mistreated him. He is now seeking damages under an age discrimination act as well as under an anti-retaliation provision of the act.

Goldman Sachs, Tinder face workplace discrimination suits

If an employee in Texas experiences discrimination in the workplace on the basis of his or her sex, he or she naturally may want to hold the employer accountable for its actions. Employees at two companies in another state recently filed lawsuits against the employers after alleging that they were victims of sex discrimination and sexual harassment. One workplace discrimination suit was filed against Tinder, a tech startup, while another was filed against Goldman Sachs.

Workplace discrimination suit filed against Texas company

Being treated differently from one’s colleagues because of race can feel like a slap in the face of an employee who feels that he or she has made positive contributions to the company. Federal law forbids companies from discriminating against people on the basis of protected factors such as race, sex and age -- all of which are factors that people can’t personally control. One woman in Texas recently filed a workplace discrimination suit against a company she claimed mistreated her on the basis of race.

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