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August 2014 Archives

Former Wendy's employee claims she was fired for taking FMLA time

When employees suffer from a serious illness or injury, they may need to take time away from work to recover. Abiding by the stipulations of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Texas workers are able to take off work for the time that they need. Some employers choose not to recognize the person's right to take the time and may choose to terminate the employee instead.

Former Fox employee claims she was fired due to her illness

A former employee for Fox Television is claiming that, after being diagnosed with cancer, she lost her job for needing time away from work. In her complaint, she stated that she had to undergo necessary surgery to treat her illness. After she returned to work, she claims that she was greeted by a hostile work environment. She claims that she spoke to human resources about the way the way that her coworkers were treating her, but the situation got progressively worse. The Texas woman decided that she would apply for a different position, but she asserts that she was never offered an interview, despite being more qualified than the person who ended up getting the job.

Denial of teacher's tenure leads to wrongful termination lawsuit

Beneath the surface, many businesses may have dealings that they do not want exposed to the public. Some employees who discover these findings speak out to have the unethical activity stopped. This may prompt the employer to fire the worker to silence him or her. Recently, a former professor for Texas Southern University claimed that he was the victim of a wrongful termination.

Workplace discrimination suit filed by 2 airline employees

Two Texas workers recently filed a suit against Continental/United Airlines alleging that they were mistreated on the basis of race and sex. According to the workplace discrimination suit, the two workers -- black females -- were constantly ignored when pursuing promotions. In addition, the two women claimed they weren't acknowledged for their stellar performances at work.

Man claims he suffered wrongful termination due to his faith

Being terminated from a job because of one’s religious beliefs can understandably be mortifying for an employee in Texas. This is because a person’s religious beliefs often define the individual. One man recently claimed he was a victim of wrongful termination because his employer unfairly fired him based on his faith.

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