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November 2014 Archives

Child death investigation leads to a wrongful termination claim

It is not always easy to stand up for what is right and choose to speak out, especially when the situation occurs at work. Texas employees who do voice their concerns about wrongdoings should not be in fear of losing their jobs. However, some companies may be trying to hide a secret and do not always react properly in regard to whistleblowers. It is possible that a business may try to keep a secret under wraps and therefore issue a wrongful termination to ensure silence over the matter.

Applicants win workplace discrimination settlement of $780,000

After being under a high level of scrutiny, the Austin Fire Department can continue with its hiring process for cadets. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a test that was administered as a condition for employment with the Texas city were discriminatory. The test was considered a form of workplace discrimination because it could allegedly rule out black and Latino applicants.

A class action sexual harassment lawsuit is brought against Ford

Every person in the workplace should be mindful of his or her behavior. Certain actions are offensive and can be considered to be sexual harassment. Texas employees who speak out about such behavior expect it to cease, but some companies choose not to handle these situations properly and may inadvertently allow the harassment to continue.

Teoman files workplace discrimination suit for disability and race

If an employee is still able to perform the essential functions of his or her job, age should not be a factor in job retention. A Texas woman who worked for Bank of America is claiming that her termination was the result of workplace discrimination due to her age and disability. The 60-year-old woman began working for the company in 2010 as an assistant vice president.

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