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Woman claims a wrongful termination after a medical episode

Many people who suffer from disabilities are still able to have gainful employment in the workplace when their situations are monitored. In most cases, this will require reasonable accommodations from the Texas employer to allow them to work to their fullest potentials. Unfortunately, there are some instances when supervisors are not adequately trained on how to handle these types of situations and may choose to remove the worker unnecessarily by issuing a wrongful termination instead.

The Art Museum of South Texas is being sued by the former assistant to the director for being fired due to her medical condition. The woman claims that when she was hired, she alerted the company of her illness and that she may have manic episodes. She asserts that these episodes could be controlled if she were removed from the stress situation and taken home.

The plaintiff claims that during a recent episode, things were not handled properly. Reportedly, the situation got out of hand. She believes that by allowing the problem to escalate, her employer artificially created a reason to fire her. Not long after the episode, she was told that she was fired for making inappropriate remarks and threats.

Texas employees who believe that they are the victims of a wrongful termination due to a medical condition, or for any other reason, may choose to pursue legal actions. In successful cases, the claimants may be awarded monetary damages, including lost wages and other claimed financial losses deemed appropriate by the court. In some circumstances, the workers may also be reinstated into their former positions.

Source:, "Woman says she was fired after 'manic episodes'", Annie Cosby, Dec. 22, 2014

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