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January 2015 Archives

Worker claims he received a wrongful termination for being gay

Every day, many employees across the United States suffer in silence from unfair treatment. Many Texas employees believe that it is something that they are forced to accept and that nothing can be done, so they choose to say nothing. Others fear receiving a wrongful termination because their employers may retaliate against them. Sadly, in these times, discrimination can still exist, and it may cause workers to speak out to put a stop to it.

Former Bayer employee says age discrimination caused his firing

All Texas employees deserve to be valued, and those that have been with a company for a significant number of years should be looked upon admirably for their service. Unfortunately, some companies believe that long-term workers are financial drains because of their higher salaries and wish to terminate them to bring in younger, less expensive employees. By doing this, a company could be setting itself up for an age discrimination claim.

Woman claims her sexual harassment complaints were disregarded

A sexual harassment claim in the workplace is something that should be taken very seriously. It can be very difficult for victims to muster the courage to speak up about sexual harassment, and when they do, they expect that something will be done about the matter. Unfortunately, sometimes such claims are disregarded, as was demonstrated in a recent case for a woman who worked at U.S. Steel Oilwell Services in Texas.

Police officer claims she was the victim of sexual harassment

A police detective who worked in the Human Trafficking Unit claims that she suffered retaliation after speaking up about a hostile work environment. The highly decorated Texas detective received a Texas Purple Heart in 2006 after she was dragged from her vehicle and run over by a suspect. While she was working, she claims that she was subjected to sexual harassment from her male coworkers.

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