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Woman claims her sexual harassment complaints were disregarded

A sexual harassment claim in the workplace is something that should be taken very seriously. It can be very difficult for victims to muster the courage to speak up about sexual harassment, and when they do, they expect that something will be done about the matter. Unfortunately, sometimes such claims are disregarded, as was demonstrated in a recent case for a woman who worked at U.S. Steel Oilwell Services in Texas.

In her complaint, the plaintiff stated that her supervisor would make inappropriate sexual comments toward her and made reference to her race. He allegedly would try to force physical contact upon her by forcing her to hug him and by grabbing at her. She claims that he threatened to call security on her for using the restroom if she did not engage in sexual acts. To get away from the situation, the woman asked to be transferred to another department.

She apparently complained several times to another supervisor about what was occurring and was told that the situation would be handled, but the sexual harassment continued. The plaintiff claims that she became victim to the harassment by both of her supervisors. Upon discovering that other women had the same issues and nothing had been done to resolve them, she decided to call the ethics hotline about the men. When the men were reported, the human resources manager allegedly told her that he could find an excuse to fire her if he wanted. Despite her continuous complaints, she asserts that the issues were never resolved.

The woman filed her claim against U.S. Steel Oilwell Services, U.S. Steel Tubular Products. Inc., and Star Energy Group, accusing them of failure to prevent and discontinue sexual harassment. Texas workers who feel that they are the victims of sexual harassment should follow the proper company protocols and report the issues according to the appropriate chain of command. If the activity does not cease, the employees may choose to file legal actions against their employers. In successfully pursued claims, the employees may receive monetary damages for the emotional stress that they experienced as well as any other financial relief awarded by the court.

Source:, "Woman says employer ignored sexual harassment claims", Annie Cosby, Jan. 5, 2015

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