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April 2015 Archives

Tech professional, age 64, accuses Google of age discrimination

The world of technology may be populated by a lot of young people, but the older generation can also be very knowledgeable on the subject. Google users in Texas and elsewhere may be disappointed to hear about the way in which the company is allegedly determining who should be hired. An older gentleman, who applied for a job with the company in 2011, claims that he was the victim of age discrimination.

Former chief is awarded $400k re his wrongful termination claim

There are many appropriate reasons that an employee may be let go, but retaliation for reporting improper conduct is not one of them. In some instances, when higher ranking employees feel threatened, they may decide to fire a worker in order to protect themselves and get rid of an employee who is causing them problems. Some Texas workers may accept a wrongful termination and not fight back, while others seek justice and the restoration of their reputation.

Twitter accused of workplace discrimination by ex female employee

The roles of professional women are constantly changing, and an increasing number of women are qualified for tech related positions. As women in Texas and elsewhere are attempting to fill these positions, some are receiving pushback from companies to leave these positions mainly to men, which could spawn workplace discrimination claims. Microblogging platform Twitter is making headlines because it is accused of skewing the gender balance on the job to lean toward men. According to Twitter's diversity report, for every women in a tech role, there are nine men.

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