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Woman's firing was allegedly retaliation for removing an app

As the world becomes more high tech, people are beginning to feel as if they have less privacy than they did even a few years ago. Monitoring technology is now becoming more prevalent in the workplace, and smartphones are now commonplace. With all of these advances, there may be a conflict between what a Texas company needs to know and what it wants to know about its employees. If workers do not comply with what they believe to be an unnecessary invasion of privacy, employers may act in retaliation and fire them instead.

A woman who worked a for a money transfer service in another state claims that she lost her job because she did not agree with a mandatory phone app. As part of her job, the plaintiff was given a company phone on which she was required to have the Xora app installed and open at all times. This app performed various functions, such as keeping time records, managing paperwork and logging trip information. This app could also track where the employees went because of its GPS capability.

The plaintiff decided to look further into the app and questioned her supervisor about how it worked. She inquired as to whether it was capable of reporting where she was when she was off the clock. Her supervisor allegedly told her that he could even tell how fast she was driving since she installed the app.

The woman un-installed the app from her phone and was disciplined by her supervisor for doing so. She was terminated the following month for what she believes to have been an act of retaliation. The former sales executive filed a complaint against the company alleging that she was wrongfully terminated and that her privacy was invaded. She is seeking $500,000 for her case. It is illegal for Texas employers to fire workers based on unfair practices, and those who are victimized can choose to file claims to right the injustices against them.

Source:, "California woman says she was fired for disabling work phone GPS", Alyssa Newcomb, May 13, 2015

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