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June 2015 Archives

Woman accusing company of firing her after applying for FMLA

Many workers are blessed to be healthy and have healthy families, but others are not quite as lucky. The law provides leave for those difficult circumstances that are covered under the FMLA. Texas employers should alert their workers to their benefits under this leave and not retaliate against them for taking advantage of the benefits. A registered nurse claims she was not informed of her rights and has taken her case to court.

7 workers claim age discrimination at McDonald's

A person's age may easily make him or her a target in Texas when it comes to an employer's decision to terminate employees, even though this is illegal. Unfortunately, several people in a recent out-of-state case said they were victims of age discrimination simply because they were over the age of 40. The situation involved McDonald's Restaurants, which has been sued in light of the alleged discrimination.

Al Jazeera America faces a second workplace discrimination claim

People across the United States tune into Al Jazeera America to get -- what they believe to be --unbiased news. Viewers in Texas and across the country may be disturbed by some of the comments that are allegedly being made by the network's CEO. This most recent workplace discrimination claim against the news station will now be the second claim in the last six weeks.

Woman awarded close to $140K for her sexual harassment claim

Every day, too many employees head to work with pits in their stomachs, worrying about what they will be forced to endure in the workplace. Workers in Texas and elsewhere should never be forced to feel uncomfortable or tolerate sexual harassment. It can take a lot of courage for someone to stand up against the treatment, but doing so can help to bring the offending parties to justice.

Racial slurs allegedly prompt a workplace discrimination claim

All employees should be mindful of what they say in the workplace. Using language that could be found offensive to others could cause some Texas workers to feel uncomfortable. If these workers complain and nothing is done to right the situation, they may feel that they are the victims of workplace discrimination.

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