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Al Jazeera America faces a second workplace discrimination claim

People across the United States tune into Al Jazeera America to get -- what they believe to be --unbiased news. Viewers in Texas and across the country may be disturbed by some of the comments that are allegedly being made by the network's CEO. This most recent workplace discrimination claim against the news station will now be the second claim in the last six weeks.

The former senior vice president of Al Jazeera alleges that the company did not hold true to its unbiased stance when it came to the news and how it treated its employees. According to her complaint, the company showed disparate treatment to any workers who were not Arabic men. The plaintiff claims that women were not part of company meetings, and men were sent in their places. She further alleges that there were occasions on which she was given assignments that were then taken from her and reassigned to male co-workers.

The woman asserts that when people complained about the unfair treatment, they were treated as if they were insignificant and pushed aside. These complaints purportedly also led to the workers being fired. She also claimed that one of her co-workers made comments describing members of another ethic group as being similar to Adolf Hitler and suggested that those who supported the group should die fiery deaths.

Al Jazeera completely denies all of the accusations and asserts that the claims are baseless. A spokesperson for the network commented that the plaintiff's termination was fully investigated, and, during that time, she did not come forward with any of the workplace discrimination allegations. Similarly situated Texas workers have the legal right to pursue claims against their employers. If their claims are successfully navigated, they may be awarded monetary damages, as well as being reinstated into their former positions, if the circumstances warrant such action.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Former Executive Charges Al Jazeera America With Discrimination, Biased Coverage In Lawsuit", Michael Calderone, June 11, 2015

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