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August 2015 Archives

Arthur's settles $20K for a workplace discrimination lawsuit

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been diligently fighting to protect the interests of women from discrimination due to their pregnancy. Over the last four years, the EEOC has filed over 45 of these workplace discrimination claims. The agency was able to have nearly $3.5 million awarded to the affected women. Another case has just arisen against Arthur's Restaurant and Bar in Texas that was being accused of firing a women for being pregnant.

6 former Wal-Mart workers sue for workplace discrimination

As many Texas readers may know, Wal-Mart is the country's largest private employer, and it hires thousands of people to keep its stores in operation. The company is also consistently in the headlines for being accused of breaking various state and federal statutes. A group of employees from another state have recently brought a workplace discrimination claim against the retailer in a federal court.

Woman alleges FMLA violations after returning from surgery

According to federal law, the Family Medical Leave Act allows time away for Texas workers in the event of a medical emergency for companies who employ more than 50 people. Since 1993, the FMLA has helped workers during their time of need for instances covered by the law. Using this benefit should not result in retaliation from employers, but unfortunately, it still can occur.

Applicants accuse trucking company of workplace discrimination

Many Texas companies use pre-employment screening tests to help screen applicants to achieve the best fit possible for a position. However, some types of testing, in effect, discriminate against protected classes of workers and are illegal. Employers that use these barred types of tests may be faced with workplace discrimination claims.

Ex-Hooters girl claims race discrimination due to her hair color

Employee appearance policies help to ensure that all workers have an image that reflects well on the companies for which they work. However, these policies should apply to all Texas workers the same way regardless of race. A former server for Hooters claims that she was the victim of race discrimination because of the unfair treatment she received for coloring her hair.

Google age discrimination complaint adds another plaintiff

For some Texas readers, getting a job at Google could be a dream job, but getting one with the Internet giant may not be so easy for people who are over 40. A new plaintiff has recently been added to a past age discrimination lawsuit that represented a 60-year-old man who believes that he was denied a job due to his age. The complaint further alleges that the EEOC is conducting an investigation into the proposed claims.

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