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December 2015 Archives

Transferring company information could lead to contract disputes

It is not surprising that many Texas companies will require employees who have access to trade secrets to sign non-compete agreements. However, these agreements should not be entered into lightly without completely understanding the terms and what could cause contract disputes.  Many employees sign these contracts blindly and may not understand that what they are doing after they leave their employment could be in violation of their contracts.

Violating non-compete agreements can lead to contract disputes

Although many companies try to maintain a high retention rate, it is impossible to hold onto every employee, including those in upper management. Individuals in these roles are typically given access to highly confidential information. In order for Texas businesses to be protected, people with such access sign non-compete agreements to protect company secrets in the event of their departure. Violating these agreements can lead to contract disputes against the individuals and/or their new employers.

Leaked proprietary information can lead to contract disputes

To prevent pertinent company information from being shared with competitors, some employees are forced to sign a non-compete agreement. This agreement is designed to protect any trade secrets that employees may have had access to during their employ, and contract disputes can follow if it is violated. Texas businesses that are aware of a non-compete agreement and still choose to use information that is leaked from a former employee could face litigation.

Woman claims workplace discrimination after becoming pregnant

A former employee of Sava Senior Care -- with locations in Texas -- claims that she was mistreated after she became pregnant. She claims she was the victim of workplace discrimination because she was not provided the opportunity to be on light duty. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a complaint on her behalf to try to hold the senior facility accountable.

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