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Former nurse alleges she was fired due to age discrimination

As more older people around the country -- and here in Texas -- remain in good health for longer, they are remaining in the workforce longer as well. At the same time, there are younger, and supposedly more energetic and qualified people, coming into the workforce. There is an often unsubstantiated belief that younger workers will be better at their jobs than those who are seen as approaching retirement age. In some cases, this means that older employees could become the target of age discrimination.

A former nurse recently filed a lawsuit against her former employers, alleging that she was forced out of her position based on her age. She claims that she received favorable performance reviews during the course of her 27-year career until her supervisors began to discriminate against her based on her age. She goes on to assert that she was not the only one who experienced the same thing prior to her termination.

She alleges that disparaging comments regarding her age began to occur in 2012. By 2014, management was telling her that people were complaining about the level of care they were receiving from her, which she denies. Then, in 2015, she claims that a false report was filed against her with the Missouri State Board of Nursing after she threatened to file an age discrimination complaint. She says that the fact that she faced no disciplinary action from the board substantiates her claim that the report was false and used as a pretext to fire her.

It will be up to the court to determine whether she was, in fact, a victim of age discrimination in her employment termination. As for older employees here in Texas who believe they are being discriminated against based on their age, they might also benefit from filing a claim against their employers. Depending on the circumstances, both monetary and non-monetary damages could be awarded if the court determines that an employer was in the wrong.

Source:, "Lawsuit alleges former nurse was subject to age discrimination", Alan Burdziak, May 11, 2016

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