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June 2016 Archives

Racial and sexual harassment are still pervasive in the workplace

Every employee -- whether here in Texas or elsewhere -- is entitled to a safe and hospitable workplace. It would be nice to believe that in today's diverse and tolerant society, hostilities caused by racial or sexual harassment would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, these and other types of harassing behaviors remain pervasive in the workplace.

Workplace discrimination case filed against prison system

Even in 2016, certain industries remain predominantly male. One of them is the corrections industry, which remains primarily staffed by men. Some Texas residents might assume that women are primarily placed in women's prisons and in the women's section of jails, but in many places, that is not the case. To restrict the positions that a woman can occupy would most likely be considered workplace discrimination.

Dealing with employment contracts from inception to litigation

Many positions held in small businesses here in Texas and elsewhere require agreements between employer and employee. These employment contracts can contain any number of provisions that need to be negotiated. Along with the issues of pay, vacation and other incentives, the parties will also need to include provisions that will govern how the parties will proceed in the event that a dispute arises between the parties.

Workplace discrimination suit filed over lack of prayer breaks

The Civil Rights Act of l964 places restrictions on most employers from discriminatory practices against employees because of their religion. Legal actions brought forth by employees who require the ability to pray at certain times of the day in order to adhere to their religious obligations have become increasingly more common. Those in Texas who feel they have been subjected to workplace discrimination due to these issues may be interested in a recent lawsuit that aims to protect workers' rights in this area.

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