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August 2016 Archives

New doctors should have employment contracts reviewed

Completing residency is an exciting time for many new Texas doctors. Once an offer of employment is extended, many will eagerly enter into employment contracts only to discover later that the terms are not as favorable as they might have believed. Therefore, it would be beneficial to have any employment agreement reviewed by an attorney prior to signing it.

Age discrimination case will not be dismissed

Defendants in lawsuits here in Texas and elsewhere will often attempt to have a case dismissed by claiming that it does not have merit. This happens more frequently than most would like to admit in cases alleging race, gender and/or age discrimination. Whether the case is allowed to proceed depends on numerous factors.

Damages phase of wrongful termination case set to begin soon

Some Texas workers might be able to make an argument that their former employers fired them from their jobs as a form of retaliation. If that is the case, they should consider filing wrongful termination claims against their employers. In doing so, they could seek both monetary and non-monetary damages if the court determines that they were, in fact, wrongfully discharged from their positions.

Sexual harassment claim results in exit of Fox News Channel's CEO

Employees here in Texas who have been subjected to unwanted advances and other inappropriate behavior might be applauding the resignation of Fox News Channel's CEO, Roger Ailes. His departure from the network comes on the heels of a sexual harassment claim filed by Gretchen Carlson who used to be a co-host on "Fox and Friends," the station's morning talk show. The complaint and the resignation have brought the issue of sexual harassment back into the limelight.

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