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Damages phase of wrongful termination case set to begin soon

Some Texas workers might be able to make an argument that their former employers fired them from their jobs as a form of retaliation. If that is the case, they should consider filing wrongful termination claims against their employers. In doing so, they could seek both monetary and non-monetary damages if the court determines that they were, in fact, wrongfully discharged from their positions.

A former employee of the highway department in another state was able to prove to the court that he was wrongfully terminated from his position with the department back in 2013. The issues between he and the town in which he was employed began in 2010 when he sued the town for being fired from his position as the chief of the town's volunteer fire department after he accused the former chief ,who went on to become a selectman, of wrongdoing. He was awarded $27,500 in 2013 in connection with that claim.

In addition, the town of Chichester agreed not to let that case affect his position with the highway department. Further, leaving the Chief position with the volunteer fire department was to be listed as a resignation. A judge ruled that the town violated both of those stipulations when the New Hampshire man was fired in May of 2013, and the reasons given for his termination were not sufficient to warrant it.

The man claims that he is owed approximately $1.5 million for past, present and future loss of earnings due to the fact that his reputation was tarnished by the town, which makes it impossible for him to find suitable employment. Not surprisingly, the town disagrees. In the end, it will be up to the court to decide.

If a Texas court was to rule that a former employee was the victim of a wrongful termination, that individual would then be responsible for providing the court with proof of the damages sought. Those damages can have a dollar amount attached to them, but the individual could also request non-monetary damages, such as reinstatement in the position from which he or she was terminated. Once each side presents its evidence, preferably with the help of legal counsel, the court will make its ruling, which may or may not include all of the damages requested.

Source:, "Wrongfully fired Chichester employee says he's owed $1.5 million in damages", Nick Reid, Aug. 5, 2016

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