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Race discrimination could negatively affect Texas workers

Many individuals face unfair treatment on a regular basis. There could be any number of unjustified reasons behind the mistreatment, and those individuals may feel as if they must simply bear the brunt of such actions. However, individuals who are facing race discrimination or other similar mistreatment on the job may be able to take legal steps in order to rectify the situation.

Texas residents may be interested in such a case currently taking place in another state. It was reported that several African-American employees at a fire department have filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission due to the unfair treatment to which they have been subjected while on the job. Many of those injustices pertain to being denied opportunities for promotions, as well as receiving less pay. 

At the time of the report, a lawsuit had not yet been officially filed, but there is a plan to take such action later in the year. A spokesman for the New York Fire Department stated that the department had not seen the complaint and could not issue a comment regarding the claims. It was also noted in the report that a previous lawsuit had been filed against the department for purported discrimination during the hiring process. 

Race discrimination is an action that should not go unaddressed. If individuals have witnessed or been the victims of unfair treatment on the job due to racial bias, speaking out could make a considerable difference. Texas residents who have been negatively affected by workplace discrimination may wish to determine whether pursuing legal actions could be in their best interests.

Source: New York Daily News, "Black FDNY employees plan to file $150M discrimination suit against the department", Erin Durkin, Oct. 13, 2016

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