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Texas workers with disabilities may fear workplace discrimination

Being looked at differently due to having a disability can be a hurtful but, unfortunately, common action that many individuals face. Though most instances of this may be overlooked, there are cases in which being considered unfit due to an unrelated disability may be cause for legal action. If an individual has faced workplace discrimination due to having a disability, he or she may wish to consider potential legal options.

Texas residents may be interested in a case involving such discrimination taking place in another state. Reports indicated that it was recently ruled that a company will pay $90,000 and adhere to anti-discrimination efforts after a woman was passed over for a job. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission moved forward with the case on behalf of the victim.

Reports stated that the woman was offered the position of surgical scrub technician with an outpatient facility, but before she was fully hired to the job, she had to go through a medical exam. During the exam, a minor ankle ailment was noted, which the facility perceived as a disability. Though the issue would not have affected her duties on the job, the job offer was rescinded, which led to the lawsuit. 

Disabilities do not have to be considered issues that cause individuals to be unemployable. In many cases, individuals with mental or physical disabilities may be able to perform the necessary duties to complete jobs to the utmost satisfaction. If Texas residents believe that they have been the victims of workplace discrimination due to a disability, they may wish to consider taking legal action of their own.

Source: La Jolla, CA Patch, "Sharp Healthcare Settles Disability Discrimination Lawsuit", Nov. 1, 2016

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