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December 2016 Archives

Family Medical Leave Act violations should not go overlooked

Having medical issues can make it difficult for individuals to work. However, numerous Texas residents attempt to work through their suffering in order to hold down steady employment. While doing so, they may need time away from work in order to address their medical concerns, and in many cases, certain absences are covered under the federal Family Medical Leave Act. 

Legal action could help Texas residents combat retaliation

There are many instances in which individuals may feel concerned about certain aspects of their jobs. In some cases, these aspects may be serious issues such as discrimination, wage violations or other unlawful practices. Many workers may feel the need to speak out against such unjust actions, but as a result, they could face wrongful termination or other forms of retaliation.

Texas victims of sexual harassment have legal options

Feeling unsafe at work is never a situation in which any employee wants to find him or herself. Unfortunately, sexual harassment can quickly result in workers feeling as if their work environment is no longer a secure place. If the circumstances are serious, individuals may have cause to pursue legal action.

CNN, Time Warner involved in race discrimination case

Texas readers may be aware of the pending litigation involving CNN, Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner. Reports stated that two individuals associated with the companies have filed a class-action lawsuit due to race discrimination in the workplace. This suit is reportedly not the first such claim concerning these companies. It was unclear how many specific individuals could be affected by the class-action status of the case.

Family Medical Leave Act violations may mean Texas legal action

For individuals who suffer from serious medical issues, the worry of losing their job may be a significant concern. However, the federal Family Medical Leave Act protects workers under certain conditions when they need time away from work to attend to health issues. Unfortunately, some individuals may find the rights protected under this act being violated and losing their jobs as a result.

Retaliation fear may hinder Texas workers

Speaking up about wrongdoing may be more difficult than many individuals imagine. Some Texas workers who file complaints about negative actions in the workplace may face retaliation, and as a result, they could be forced to endure unfair punishments or even being dismissed from their jobs altogether. In such cases, these individuals may have cause to pursue legal action.

How is sexual harassment in the workplace defined?

In Texas and elsewhere, people deal with various forms of harassment while at work every single day. For female workers, sexual harassment tends to be the most common form experienced; though, it can happen to men as well. Victims of sexual harassment often refuse to report the issue, fearing that doing so will only hurt them in the long run or believing that their employers will fail to take action. If an employer does not address accusations of sexual harassment appropriately, the victim may have legal recourse.

Facebook at center of race discrimination lawsuit

Texas residents may be interested in a current employment law case involving social media company Facebook. Reports stated that two African-American employees in another state filed a federal lawsuit against the company after allegedly facing race discrimination on the job. One of the workers is a maintenance man, and the other man was a manager before leaving the company in October. 

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