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On sexual harassment claims and the need for legal help

Sexual harassment has been a massive topic in the news lately. It has been a critical issue in the world of employment law for ages, but the Harvey Weinstein case has opened up the collective eyes of our society to the scary nature of this problem. As such, both employees and employers need to be cognizant of sexual harassment and how to not only prevent it from happening in the first place but also how to proceed when a legal case is made out of sexual harassment allegations.

In some cases, sexual harassment claims involve "quid pro quo." This means that an employer (manager, supervisor, officer, or owner) is asking for sexual favors in exchange for some bonus or benefit, such as a promotion or a raise. In other cases, the sexual harassment claims may be born out of a hostile work environment involving sexual remarks, conduct, or advances.

No matter the circumstances in a given sexual harassment case, it is imperative for the case to be fully investigated. For employers, they need to know the full extent of the claims that relate to their workspace. And for employees, they want to hold the perpetrators responsible for their actions.

At Fiddler & Associates, we have extensive experience helping small business and a wide range of employees -- from executives, to managers, to non-managerial workers -- with sexual harassment claims. These cases are sensitive issues, and the facts are incredibly important. We devote our energy and focus to your case, investigating the claims and discovering the facts.

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