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Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Archives

Can new dads take FMLA leave?

The Family and Medical Leave Act stipulates that pregnant women and new mothers may take up to 12 weeks of leave from work. Taking some time off from work is often necessary for a mom-to-be to receive prenatal care or recover while she is incapacitated, or for a mother to care for her brand-new infant.

The impact of Hurricane Harvey on employers and employees

As the cleanup continues following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Texas residents are looking to get back to a sense of normalcy with their lives. Some want to get back to their daily routines. Others just want to get back to work.

Is federal paid parental leave in the offing?

President Donald Trump is proposing to spend $19 billion on paid parental leave over the next decade. While opposition by both sides of the aisle would suggest alliances in a time of great division, the disagreements are taking two forms. Republicans think that it goes too far while Democrats believe that it doesn't go far enough.

Did your employer terminate you for taking FMLA leave?

The Family and Medical Leave Act ("FMLA") is available to eligible employees who need to be absent from work due to their chronic or serious health condition or that of a close relative, the birth of a child or any medical condition that requires an absence of three consecutive days or more from work. Under the FMLA, an eligible employee may take up to 12 weeks leave per year. An employee must who has been on FMLA leave must generally be returned to the same or substantially similar job following FMLA leave.

Pregnant? Don't forget about FMLA leave

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting, frightening and joyous times in the lives of many Texas residents. Most working parents want to take as much time as they can after their children are born to be with them in the first weeks of their lives. Under FMLA, those parents could get their wish. 

Family Medical Leave Act violations should not go overlooked

Having medical issues can make it difficult for individuals to work. However, numerous Texas residents attempt to work through their suffering in order to hold down steady employment. While doing so, they may need time away from work in order to address their medical concerns, and in many cases, certain absences are covered under the federal Family Medical Leave Act. 

Family Medical Leave Act violations may mean Texas legal action

For individuals who suffer from serious medical issues, the worry of losing their job may be a significant concern. However, the federal Family Medical Leave Act protects workers under certain conditions when they need time away from work to attend to health issues. Unfortunately, some individuals may find the rights protected under this act being violated and losing their jobs as a result.

FMLA violations could affect Texas workers

When employees suffer from medical conditions, they may need time away from work. Certain absences may qualify for coverage under the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA. This federal law requires employers to provide unpaid leave for such qualifying instances and protect workers from losing their jobs due to such leave. However, there may be instances in which employers violate this act. There is no corresponding state FMLA law in Texas.

The Family Medical Leave Act an essential aspect of employment

Balancing work and home life can be a tricky business, and while at times it might be quite easy to handle, incidents can and do arise in which workers suddenly find themselves unable to fully commit to both. The Family Medical Leave Act is often essential in such situations when Texas employees need to step away from work for an extended period of time. However, there are minimum requirements that must be met in order for a worker to qualify for FMLA.

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