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Sexual Harassment Archives

How much longer will "boys be boys" in Silicon Valley?

While known for cutting-edge technology, Silicon Valley is also famous for an old-school approach to corporate governance. A growing number of prominent male executives have faced accusations in recent years. Many resigned over allegations of sexist, hostile and predatory behavior directed at female contemporaries and employees.

Reporting workplace harassment? There's an app for that.

Once known for comedy, the Upright Citizens Brigade found themselves the decidedly unfunny topic of discussions involving workplace assault and harassment. After a show’s host faced accusations of rape, UCB set up a hotline for employees to report these types of incidences to counselors and human resource professionals in New York and Los Angeles.

Here's what you need to know about sexual harassment

The subjugation of one person by another sounds like something that should not be part of a civilized society. Sadly, those who desire to have power over another person often still do so. In the workplace, some co-workers, supervisors and managers use sexual harassment as their tool here in Texas and elsewhere.

Throwing money at sexual harassment claims is not enough

Corrections officers across the country, including those here in Texas, have a difficult job. The last thing they need is to deal with sexual harassment from other officers and supervisors. Unfortunately, it is prevalent in many prisons, and one state's legislature recently blasted its department of corrections for allowing the behavior to continue.

Male victims of sexual harassment have legal options in Texas

Unwanted sexual advances can affect both men and women. When sexual harassment takes place in a work environment, men and women should feel comfortable reporting the harassment and seeing the necessary actions taken. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which supervisors may not take the proper steps to address the issues, and victims may need to pursue legal action.

Texas victims of sexual harassment have legal options

Feeling unsafe at work is never a situation in which any employee wants to find him or herself. Unfortunately, sexual harassment can quickly result in workers feeling as if their work environment is no longer a secure place. If the circumstances are serious, individuals may have cause to pursue legal action.

How is sexual harassment in the workplace defined?

In Texas and elsewhere, people deal with various forms of harassment while at work every single day. For female workers, sexual harassment tends to be the most common form experienced; though, it can happen to men as well. Victims of sexual harassment often refuse to report the issue, fearing that doing so will only hurt them in the long run or believing that their employers will fail to take action. If an employer does not address accusations of sexual harassment appropriately, the victim may have legal recourse.

Texas employees may fear sexual harassment

Though there are many hazards that individuals could face while on the job, being inappropriately treated by co-workers or supervisors should not be one of them. Unfortunately, many workers face sexual harassment and other negative actions in the workplace that could considerably affect them. If individuals are the victims of such mistreatment, they may wish to consider taking legal action.

More than one sexual harassment claim filed at National Parks

Each year, many Texas residents take the opportunity to enjoy the country's national parks. They might be surprised to know that even in such beautiful surroundings, the specter of sexual harassment looms over workers. In fact, more than one sexual harassment claim has been filed against several of national parks. 

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