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Wrongful termination claim of former Verizon employee settles

As the average age of the population rises and the economy requires people to work longer, many older Americans continue to work longer than their parents and grandparents did. In theory, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act should protect these workers from losing their jobs based on their age. However, as many Texas residents can attest, in practice, workers become victims of wrongful termination every day across the country for this reason.

Wrongful termination case filed against ESPN

The news is filled with stories of companies that are said to be giving in to pressure from the public when it comes to political correctness and views. Texas tennis fans might know who Doug Adler is, a now-former ESPN anchor. He covered tennis for the sports network until he was fired. He claims in a recent wrongful termination lawsuit that the motivation for his firing was his use of the word "guerrilla" to describe the playing style of Venus Williams.

Whole Foods wrongful termination case may interest Texas workers

Whistleblowing is a term that many Texas employees may have heard at one point or another. In many cases, this term means that individuals have spoken out about actions committed or practices carried out by employers or companies that have negative repercussions. If employees are fired from their jobs for speaking out against unjust actions, they may have cause to file wrongful termination claims.

Legal action could help Texas residents combat retaliation

There are many instances in which individuals may feel concerned about certain aspects of their jobs. In some cases, these aspects may be serious issues such as discrimination, wage violations or other unlawful practices. Many workers may feel the need to speak out against such unjust actions, but as a result, they could face wrongful termination or other forms of retaliation.

Retaliation fear may hinder Texas workers

Speaking up about wrongdoing may be more difficult than many individuals imagine. Some Texas workers who file complaints about negative actions in the workplace may face retaliation, and as a result, they could be forced to endure unfair punishments or even being dismissed from their jobs altogether. In such cases, these individuals may have cause to pursue legal action.

Wrongful termination claims may help voice concerns in Texas

When an individual is dismissed from his or her job without cause, he or she may want to consider seeking restitution. Filing wrongful termination claims could potentially help interested individuals work toward rectifying the situation. A successful claim could potentially lead to the necessary parties being held liable for unjust actions.

Retaliation could lead to wrongful termination cases in Texas

Losing a job is never a pleasant experience. Individuals may feel even more upset over being fired if they believe the dismissal came about due to retaliation. Employees may be placed in compromising positions while on the job, but if they choose to report wrongdoings and are then terminated from their jobs, they may wish to assess their state of affairs and determine whether legal action could be in their best interests.

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