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For many small and midsized businesses, employees play an integral and essential role in maintaining and growing business operations. To be successful, employers must be able to attract and retain highly trained and competent employees. At the same time, businesses must take steps to protect their own financial interests and to consider and address employment-related issues well in advance and before any potential problems develop.

At Fiddler & Associates, P.C., our experienced attorneys help business owners manage employment-related issues and plan for the future by minimizing risk and mitigating problems. We represent business clients who are facing a broad spectrum of employment law concerns, including:

A Trusted Legal Resource For Business Clients

History provides many examples of businesses that ultimately failed because of legal problems. Today, employee-related legal issues pose one of the biggest threats to small and midsized businesses and one lawsuit can end up causing irreparable damage to a business's finances and reputation.

At Fiddler & Associates, P.C., we focus on providing business clients with the information, answers and advocacy they need to prevent and manage employment-related disputes. From drafting noncompete agreements to defending against wrongful termination lawsuits, we always have our clients' best interests in mind and work to achieve positive outcomes on their behalf.

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