Greater Houston Attorney: Sexual Harassment Law

We represent small businesses as well as executive-level, management-level and nonmanagement-level employees with respect to the complete range of sexual harassment cases, including "quid pro quo" cases and hostile work environment cases. To help our clients, Fiddler & Associates, P.C., maintains a specialized law practice dedicated exclusively to the needs of clients facing difficult employment issues such as these.

Our firm can provide this level of representation because our founding attorney, G. Scott Fiddler, holds nearly a quarter century of experience as an employment lawyer. He is, in fact, a certified specialist in both Labor & Employment Law and Civil Trial Law, one of roughly 25 lawyers in the entire state so recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Lawyer Serving Houston Area: Sexual Harassment Law

We understand that these cases are fact-intensive. Where a dispute between an employer and employee involves charges of sexual harassment, our office investigates the facts for us.

For this reason, we maximize the time we devote to each case. Whether we are examining the facts concerning an ultimatum in a quid pro quo case or the corporate knowledge of a hostile work environment, our attorneys understand that a strong case is built upon a strong attorney-client relationship. By being selective about the cases we accept, we can devote to each client the amount of time a case requires.

Hostile Work Environment And Quid Pro Quo: Greater Houston Area Lawyers

We invite potential clients to call us for an over-the-phone screening with our firm by calling 281-653-8377. Potential clients can also contact our firm online. All communications between our firm and potential clients remain entirely confidential.