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April 2013 Archives

Man files lawsuit amid claims he was sexually harassed and fired

Unfortunately, cases involving allegations related to sexual harassment in the workplace are fairly common. The large majority of these cases, however, are filed by female employees who purport male superiors or colleagues carried out wrongful acts of sexual harassment. Men too, however, are often the victims of sexual harassment. Due to embarrassment and shame, however, many men fail to come forward and report such abusive and illegal actions and behaviors.

Man settles discrimination and retaliation lawsuit for $160,000

Workers who suffer injuries while on the job are entitled to worker's compensation benefits. Upon an employee's return to work, employers are required by law to make necessary adjustments with regard to work conditions and assignments to accommodate an employee's disability. Employers that fail to do so or take retaliatory action against injured employees may face legal action.

Woman accuses CEO of sexual harassment and discrimination

Oftentimes cases that involve allegations related to sexual harassment and discrimination are complex in nature. The lines between what is and is not appropriate or consensual may become blurred and result in unwanted advances or sexual conduct that is not 100 percent consensual. A woman recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against both her former employer and its CEO.

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