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Woman accuses CEO of sexual harassment and discrimination

Oftentimes cases that involve allegations related to sexual harassment and discrimination are complex in nature. The lines between what is and is not appropriate or consensual may become blurred and result in unwanted advances or sexual conduct that is not 100 percent consensual. A woman recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against both her former employer and its CEO.

The woman worked as the clinical director for the health care company from 2002 until 2008. During this time, she engaged in a sexual relationship with the company's CEO. The woman contends, however, that the relationship was not consensual but rather forced as the former CEO threatened to terminate her if she failed to engage in sexual acts with him.

The woman recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against both the former CEO and former employer citing discrimination sexual harassment and invasion of privacy. The woman asserts the former CEO bullied her into having sex on numerous occasions under threat that she would be terminated if she failed to submit to his requests.

Additionally, the woman asserts the former CEO videotaped the two engaging in sexual acts and threatened to show others the videos if she told anyone about their relationship. As a result of the forced sexual relationship, the woman suffered mental and emotional pain and anguish. The woman also became pregnant and gave birth to two children who were determined to have been fathered by the former CEO.

The woman is seeking an unspecified amount of damages related to the sexual relationship in which she claims to have been forced to engage. The former CEO, and defendant, in this case denies any wrongdoing and has requested that the case be moved from circuit to federal court and dismissed.

Source: Press-Register, "Former Birmingham Health Care CEO denies sexual harassment allegations, asks to move lawsuit to federal court," Mike Oliver, March 18, 2013

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