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Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace still rampant

In years past, most women did not work outside of the home. As such, workplaces were not required to accommodate women in the event they became pregnant. For years, as more and more women entered the workplace, many suffered discrimination, especially if they became pregnant. Today, state and federal laws exist to protect women from suffering pregnancy discrimination. Despite these laws, however, some employers continue to actively engage in discrimination against pregnant women.

Employees who work at call centers must often meet certain quotas with regard to time spent on the phone and calls answered. Failure to meet these quotas often result in disciplinary action and may even be grounds for termination.

A woman, who became pregnant while working for a T-Mobile call center, recently told her story of how she suffered discrimination and was eventually fired by the mobile company. The woman suffered a high-risk pregnancy and was advised by her doctors to drink large volumns of fluids. As a result, the woman needed to use the restroom more frequently while working.

The woman's manager insisted she obtain a note from her doctor that discussed her medical need to use the restroom more frequently. The woman did so, but was then forced by management to clock in and out each time she used the restroom at work. As a result, the woman eventually was forced to use precious vacation time.

Stressed out and anxious, the woman claimed she was forced to go on early maternity leave under FMLA. Upon her return to work, she was promptly fired for making a minor clerical error that equated to a meager 12 cents commission.

Unfortunately instances of pregnancy discrimination occur with far too much frequency in the American workplace. Women who believe they have suffered discrimination at work as a result of their pregnancy have legal rights and would be wise to seek the advice of an employment attorney.

Source: ABC News, "T-Mobile Employee Clocked Out to Use Toilet," Abby Ellin, May 1, 2013

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