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June 2013 Archives

Many pregnant employees subject to discrimination

From the moment a woman learns she is pregnant, life is never the same. Excitement and anxiety over the prospect of becoming a mother and caring for and raising a child are all normal feelings. For a growing number of pregnant women, however, fear over losing their jobs is also unfortunately becoming normal.

Unpaid interns finally have pay day

It's summer and many college students in Texas are likely currently working at internships around the state and throughout the country. Billed as a way for college students to gain real work experience and college credit, most college students are advised to complete at least one unpaid internship. In recent months, however, the legality of such internships has come under fire as many interns have filed lawsuits asserting they were treated as employees rather than interns.

Single mom sexually harassment by manager files lawsuit

Individuals who perpetrate acts of sexual harassment against others typically prey upon seemingly easy targets. In many cases, victims of sexual harassment at the workplace are young and in a precarious financial situation. Sadly, many victims of sexual harassment are too embarrassed or afraid to come forward and speak out. One 23-year-old single mother recently gathered the courage to come forward and file a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former manager and employer.

Wrongful termination suit asserts age discrimination real motive

While many companies throughout the United States and in states like Texas have taken steps to ensure employees of all ages are treated fairly, some continue to engage in acts related to age discrimination. Some employers accused of age discrimination carry out blatant and obvious campaigns against older employees, other employers, however, engage in more subtle forms of age discrimination.

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