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July 2013 Archives

Flight attendant files wrongful termination lawsuit

Many working individuals can likely relate to the difficulty of dealing with a personal or health matter while working. In many cases personal issues such as a divorce or death of a parent take a great toll on an individual's psyche. These types of issues can greatly impact an individual's ability to concentrate and perform every day duties. For these reasons, employees struggling with health or personal problems often take time off of work under the Family Medical Leave Act. 

Advice for victims of sexual harassment

Most Texans are familiar with the term sexual harassment. Many are likely employed at companies that have sexual harassment policies and may have even gone through some sort of educational training on the subject. Still, few belive the information pertains to their situation. In many cases, when an employee is the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, the initial reaction is to brush off or downplay the offensive comments or actions. It's important, however, for those who experience or witness sexual harassment to come forward.

Texas man sues employer for age and FMLA discrimination

In years past, older employees were typically considered more experienced and therefore more valuable. While this is still largely the case, in some industries, age discrimination against older workers is becoming a growing problem. One Texas man recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer, Costco, amid claims of age discrimination.

Man claims work injury at center of wrongful termination

Laws related to employee rights exist to protect the rights of American workers. Many such laws deal with employment matters related to compensation, discrimination and safety. Each year, thousands of American workers are hurt and injured while performing work duties. Thankfully, employees are typically protected under workers' compensation laws which provide injured workers compensation related to their injuries while also providing job protection.

Teacher sues school district citing discrimination and inaction

Teachers are among some of the most important and influential indiviudals in any student's life. While rewarding, teaching can also be extremely difficult and often requires the support and cooperation of other staff members as well as members of a school's administration. School officials have a professional and legal obligation to support and take action on behalf of teachers who encounter discriminatory or hostile acts while teaching. 

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