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Man claims work injury at center of wrongful termination

Laws related to employee rights exist to protect the rights of American workers. Many such laws deal with employment matters related to compensation, discrimination and safety. Each year, thousands of American workers are hurt and injured while performing work duties. Thankfully, employees are typically protected under workers' compensation laws which provide injured workers compensation related to their injuries while also providing job protection.

One man recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer related to claims that he was wrongfully terminated after sustaining a work injury. According to court documents, the man was injured while at work and was in the process of filing a workers' compensation claim. The man was placed on medical leave to recover from his injuries. Upon attempting to return from medical leave, the man was informed by his employer that he was fired. 

The man recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer, in which he accuses the employer of engaging in illegal and discriminatory actions. The man further asserts his firing was spurred by his decision to file a workers' compensation claim and was an act of retaliation by his employer. Through the wrongful termination lawsuit, the man is seeking to recover compensation related to lost wages, back pay and punitive damages.

Texas residents who believe they were fired after sustaining a work injury and filing a workers' compensation claim would be wise to discuss their case with an attorney. Employers who engage in discriminatory and retaliatory actions are guilty of violating employment laws and should be held accountable for their actions.

Source: West Virginia Legal Journal, "Former employee sues Excel for wrongful termination, "Kyla Asbury, June 20, 2013

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