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September 2013 Archives

Texas restaurant sued for workplace discrimination

When a person applies for a job, they expect to be judged on their skills, level of professionalism and their merits -- not on their physical condition. However, some companies do pay more attention to the latter and automatically disqualify a job candidate from joining their teams. This is the recent situation of one person in Texas who has faced workplace discrimination.

Sexual harassment case in Texas involves unwanted advances

When a person is accepted to a position, they expected to be treated fairly and given the opportunity to excel -- not singled out. However, at some companies, employers and employees in Texas do choose to single out an employee due to their sex, and they treat this person differently or attempt to take advantage of them. When sexual harassment occurs, the person who has been sexually taken advantage of indeed can pursue legal action against the company.

Workplace discrimination on the rise in today's diverse workplace

Being offered a dream job can be an exciting time for a job seeker. During their time at a workplace, their goal is to bear the reputation of a hard worker and to be offered promotion opportunities based on merit. At some companies in Texas, though, managers might pay more attention to the person's religious beliefs -- or lack thereof -- than they do their work ethic and then mistreat them on this basis. A recent article explains this workplace discrimination phenomenon and why it is gaining ground in today's increasingly diverse work environment.

Sexual harassment claim results in jury trial for clothing store

When a person is hired to do a job in Texas, they may see the position as an opportunity to grow at the company and to earn respect due to their hard work and commitment. This, however, does not always happen, as some managers view their positions as opportunities to manipulate and control their subordinates. When an employee faces sexual harassment, they feel violated but can take legal action. This is the situation of one woman in Texas.

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