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Sexual harassment case in Texas involves unwanted advances

When a person is accepted to a position, they expected to be treated fairly and given the opportunity to excel -- not singled out. However, at some companies, employers and employees in Texas do choose to single out an employee due to their sex, and they treat this person differently or attempt to take advantage of them. When sexual harassment occurs, the person who has been sexually taken advantage of indeed can pursue legal action against the company.

One woman is facing this situation after she claimed that one of her managers approached her while she was at her vehicle. At that time, the manager made undesired sexual advanced toward her physically and verbally. The person who sexually harassed her also visited her apartment.

The company did tell the woman that it would investigate the matter, she said. However, she said they ended up treating the matter as though it was not important. In fact, they told her that no one could walk her to her vehicle despite the incident. They even told her she would get into trouble for allegedly drinking with the manager, and she ended up quitting her job.

Employers in Texas legally are supposed to prevent sexual harassment of workers, as this may result in a work environment that is characterized as intimidating or hostile. Understandably, an employee does not have to accept unwanted sexual advances while on the job. They have the right to pursue a sexual harassment claim against their company in certain circumstances. Depending on the situation, they could receive remedies such as back pay, other monetary damages and related legal relief.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Lawsuit: Mortgage company failed to address employee's concerns about sexual harassment, John Suayan, Sept. 9, 2013

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