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October 2013 Archives

Workplace discrimination claims on rise; can affect Texas workers

When an individual has been offered a job at a company in Texas, he or she usually expects to be judged by his or her work ethic and contributions. In some situations, however, employers have focused on personal areas such as religion, which can result in workplace discrimination. One recent article explains how this type of discrimination is actually on the rise.

Technology can prevent workplace discrimination in Texas

A day on the job can be both exhilarating and challenging, no matter what field in which a person works. However, people's day jobs can become unpleasant and wearisome if they are being harassed on the job or are suffering from workplace discrimination in Texas. A recent article describes a new technology that some companies are implementing to keep better track of their workers, which can help to curb workplace discrimination issues.

Obese employees could face workplace discrimination in Texas

People at work expect to be treated with respect and judged based on the quality of their performance on the job. When other factors about an employee, such as his or her physical condition, become the focus of an employer, this can lead to workplace discrimination in Texas. A recent article describes how an employee can determine if he or she is a victim of weight discrimination in the workplace.

Woman claims workplace discrimination based on age in Texas

When someone is offered a job, a feeling of excitement at the chance to prove oneself can be expected. However, that excitement can soon become deflated and turn into anger if the person is mistreated on the job because of age. After an employee faces workplace discrimination, he/she may feel violated but can pursue legal action. One woman in Texas is dealing with this scenario.

Older workers victims of workplace discrimination in Texas

People assume that getting and keeping a job is based on factors such as one's qualifications and the ability to network with the right person. Particularly, a person who has been in the workforce for years may see themselves as having a great deal of expertise to contribute. However, these types of individuals are actually very prone to workplace discrimination in Texas. A recent article highlights the value that older workers bring to companies despite the negative stereotypes that are often associated with them -- stereotypes that lead to workplace discrimination based on age.

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