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Technology can prevent workplace discrimination in Texas

A day on the job can be both exhilarating and challenging, no matter what field in which a person works. However, people's day jobs can become unpleasant and wearisome if they are being harassed on the job or are suffering from workplace discrimination in Texas. A recent article describes a new technology that some companies are implementing to keep better track of their workers, which can help to curb workplace discrimination issues.

This type of software is gaining popularity among companies because it can be installed on company-issued smartphones and track the whereabouts of employees. This is particularly helpful for professions where employees work away from the office, such as commercial driving. New technologies are also allowing employers to eavesdrop on employees' phone calls.

Employers say that administering such technologies is helpful in order to improve safety and productivity in the workplace. It also cuts back on accidents and can be used to investigate workplace discrimination or sexual harassment claims. The state of Texas is one state that does not require employers to tell their employees that their emails or texts are being monitored. Companies in some other states are required to inform their employees of these activities.

There are companies that allow environments where individuals undergo workplace discrimination for race, sex or age. Other companies have allowed their employees to be sexually harassed. Workers in Texas have the right to pursue workplace discrimination claims against such companies, with the remedies being reasonable accommodation or promotion, for instance, depending on the situation. Other remedies could include coverage of out-of-pocket expenses resulting from the claim, or compensation for emotional harm.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Memo to Workers: The Boss Is Watching, Spencer E. Ante and Lauren Weber, Oct. 22, 2013

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