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November 2013 Archives

Social media at center of Texas workplace discrimination debate

Everyone wants to make a good first impression. However, with social media, sometimes making a poor first impression with a hiring manager before even going in for an interview is easier now in Texas. A debate has arisen as to whether hiring managers should be allowed to use information about job candidates that they find on Facebook or Twitter, particularly if this information refers to religion, sex and age. These are the exact types of information that are not allowed to be used in hiring according to federal law in order to prevent workplace discrimination.

National origin workplace discrimination affects Texas workers

It is human nature to simply want to be accepted. No matter what one's background is, he or she would like to fit in, and this includes being accepted by one's boss or co-workers. Sometimes, a person's national origin, however, captures more attention of a boss than does the individual's work ethic. In some circumstances, a Texas boss may create a hostile environment fueled by racial discrimination. Lately, more attention is being placed on safeguarding American employees from workplace discrimination on the basis of national origin.

Pregnancy-based workplace discrimination illegal in Texas

When a woman is pregnant, she may be excited about having her child and even enjoying the special treatment that sometimes comes along with pregnancy. However, some employers don't see the situation in the same way. To them, a pregnant woman is an unreliable worker, which can lead to workplace discrimination in Texas. A recent article provides tips on how a person can handle pregnancy-based workplace discrimination.

Woman files sexual harassment suit agaiinst Goodwill in Texas

Employees typically like to be valued and taken care of by their companies; they seek security in the workplace. However, when a Texas employee or employer crosses the line and begins to engage in sexual harassment, this can create an insecure environment for the employee one in which the employee may fear being taken advantage of or eventually losing his or her job. A person who is being manipulated on the basis of sex certainly can fight this illegal behavior.

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