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National origin workplace discrimination affects Texas workers

It is human nature to simply want to be accepted. No matter what one's background is, he or she would like to fit in, and this includes being accepted by one's boss or co-workers. Sometimes, a person's national origin, however, captures more attention of a boss than does the individual's work ethic. In some circumstances, a Texas boss may create a hostile environment fueled by racial discrimination. Lately, more attention is being placed on safeguarding American employees from workplace discrimination on the basis of national origin.

The American workforce has changed dramatically during the past 10 years. More people from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Latin America are flocking to the United States. As a result, ensuring that these people are protected from discrimination in the workplace has become increasingly essential.

National origin doesn't just refer to the country that somebody comes from. Rather, it also refers to the individual's language and culture. The EEOC is contemplating updating its compliance manual, which explains what employers must do to adhere to laws that prohibit discrimination.

Companies in Texas legally cannot discriminate against anyone due to his or her national origin when making hiring or promotion decisions. If this occurs, the employee who has been discriminated against on this basis can rightfully file a workplace discrimination claim against the company. The same is true for discrimination that an employee experiences because of his or her sex or age. Remedies resulting from a successfully litigated claim vary from case to case and may include lost income or an order requiring that the employee be rehired or even promoted.

Source:, Changing workforce turning more attention to national origin discrimination, Suzanne Gamboa, Nov. 13, 2013

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